Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Vent

Okay I am going to just vent a little right here right now. The people who would be upset from seeing this don’t know about this blog, so I feel safe to do so.

Background, my Grandma (on my husband’s side) had a stroke this year and is now no longer able to be in her house on her own. She is unable to walk without assistance and needs around the clock care.

My MIL just sent out a schedule of her care schedule to all family so we would know what was going on with Grandma. And here’s my vent, Why is it only my MIL and SIL the main ones to take care of Grandma? There are five sisters and one lives closer to Grandma than my MIL. Why Can’t Aunt K take a day or two to help with Grandma and alleviate some of the burden placed on Mom. Just because Mom is an RN doesn’t mean she doesn’t need help. We are all human, some consideration would be nice.

Okay done venting, thanks for listening to me.

Monday, October 29, 2007

A Meme on Me

So I got tagged by Dragonfly who was tagged by Alex Year One (well she read it there). So here it goes.

4 Jobs I've had
Medical Records Clerk in a Neurology office
Office Administrator at a Youth for Christ Office
A temp job at a Electrical Company
Student Worker at Cornerstone University

4 Movies I love to Watch Over and Over
The Importance of Being Ernst
The Matrix

4 Places I Have Been
Denver Colorado
Toronto Canada
Kansas, Not Every thing's Flat in Kansas

4 Websites I visit Daily

4 Favorite Foods
French Onion Soup
Tri-Colored Tortellini
Dark Swiss Chocolate

4 Places I would Rather Be
Having my family all together.
Home with friends and family, especially dragonfly
Visiting Ireland, Scotland and Europe.
Sitting poolside, with a good book, Ipod, and a child free day

That was more difficult that I thought it would be. Feel free to write your own. :)

And because I forgot to do this question
4 Favorite TV Shows
Project Runway
Dr Who (the new ones) (I like the old ones too but they arn't on anymore)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

No Motivation

I'm sitting here on the computer when I should be working on Little Man's Halloween costume for Wednesday. I have no motivation, none. I've been putting it off all week long and just realized that tomorrow night will be my only time to work on it uninterrupted. So I've decided, Little Man won't wear a costume on Wednesday.

Now those of you out there who are thinking, bad mommy, he's only 2, well almost 2. I think I took out all my energy on sewing Crazy Daughter's Princess Dress. See attached. It's difficult to tell, but there is quite a bit of decorative sewing, lace, ribbon, underlining and lots of hemming.
Okay, now that my guilt is out of the way.
Any other stories of Mommy guilt out there that you would be willing to share to alleviate mine. I'd love to hear some stories.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Beautiful Morning

I woke up pretty early this morning, I had an appointment at 8AM and had to get the kids up and dressed to drop off at day care at 7:30AM. So I was a bit rushed until I got into the quiet car and just breathed. There is nothing like the sound of silence, no talking, no screaming, nothing.

I pulled out of the parking lot and drove down the hill to exit the base, and in the distance, along the river bed, everything was covered in mist, deep, opaque fog. It was stunning, the sun was just rising, stars were still out. It reminded me that mornings can be beautiful, not just hectic and rushed. Not just another day to get through or another of tried patience. But a gift from God, to be cherished and spent wisely.

I think we all need that reminder every once in awhile.

And now I will post my meme, I got tagged by On Dragonfly Wings a week or so ago, and I am just now getting around to posting my responses. In my defense, I've been busy, driving from Michigan to Kansas, Bible Study, Awana.

I got tagged by On Dragonfly Wings, who in turn was tagged herslef. The very long and descriptive title is Ten Literary Characters I Would Totally Make Out With If I Were Single and They Were Real But I’m Not, Single I Mean, I Am Real, But I’m Also Happily Married and Want to Stay That Way So Maybe We Should Forget This. Now I don't think I've ever actually imagined myself kissing a character, instead I more think along the lines of qualities, their character, and honestly, would I want to be her kissing that guy.

It’s been quite thought provoking and I’ve had to really think back through books I’ve read to come up with a list of ten.

In no particular order

1. James Fraser from the Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon.

Okay, let’s get the purely physical things out of the way, he’s Scottish, he has an accent, and he wears a kilt. I really don’t know why that appeals to me, but I’m a sucker for an accent. And on a more important note, he loves Claire, even when he doesn’t think they will see each other again, he loves her. He has moral character, he stands up for what he believes in, even when it means putting himself in harms way to protect them.

2 Edward Cullen from Twilight and others by Stephenie Meyer.

He may be a vampire, but he’s a good vampire. He loves Bella even when Bella’s love starts to falter (I have an issue with her on that one). And it doesn’t hurt that he’s handsome either.

3. Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

When I picture him I always picture him as Colin Firth portrayed him in the mini-series. He may be opinionated and stubborn, but for some reason, I just like him.

4. Severn from the Cast in Shadow series by Michelle Sagara.

Since Dragonfly Wings hasn’t read this series yet, I won’t say too much. But, well, he’s a good provider and despite surface facts, he really does care for Kaylin.

5. Lord Nightshade from the Cast in Shadow Series.

Is he good or bad, his intentions with Kaylin are a complete mystery. But I’m imagining him to have the right intentions towards her.

6. Christopher Carrion Lord of Midnight from Abarat by Clive Barker.

And now most of you are thinking I’m crazy and yes he is the bad guy. He is actually pretty ugly to look at but something inside me is rooting for him to turn good and find the love he wants.

7. Black Leg (Lancelot) from Dragon Queen & the Raven Warrior by Alice Borchardt.

He’s not the typical Lancelot you read in legends and even though you want to root for his love, you don’t at the same time.

8. Aragorn from Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien.

Yes, I was continually rooting for Aragorn and Arwen, because it was special and circumstances kept them apart but despite everything they are together. And Viggo was amazing in the movie.

Okay these next will not be from books, per se, but I’m drawing a blank.

9. Patrick Verona from 10 Things I hate about you.

Yes it’s a movie, but it was a play first, Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew. I like Patrick because he’s different, he’s himself. And he will sing and dance to get a girls attention.

10. Wesley from The Princess Bride.
It was a book before it was a movie. But what can I say, I love this movie and I love the characters. True love wins.

And there is my list. Hope you all found it interesting. Let me know what you think.