Monday, December 31, 2007

Drucken Friends

First off Thanks for everyone for your support. I feel much better about family now.

It's currently New Year's Eve, not even 10 PM yet, and my friends are pretty much all drunk. I am sitting here on the couch next to, well we will call him Han Solo, the husband of Princess Leia a friend of Dragonfly and mine since about fifth grade. He's pretty wasted, talking about work, making funny comments, and falling off the couch. And it is hilarious.

Now I normally don't condone getting drunk, but on this one night of the year where I actually drink a little (and only a little because it doesn't take much to get me pretty wasted), it's the entertainment of the evening. We all wish we had a video camera.

Tomorrow is Little Man's birthday party, his actualybirthday isn't until the 8th, but most everyone has new years day off. It should be a fun time, my father is making a deep fried turkey, and for those of you who haven't eaten one before, it is incrediably yummy.

*sigh* I gotta love drunken entertainment.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Family * Sigh

Okay, so I haven't been on in awhile, being Christmas and all, family has taken up most of my time. I've been at my in-laws most of this week and unable to really use a computer, they have only dial up connection. And as an added bonus, my SIL was also spending the week there so we were able to spend time together. I figured this would be fun.

I was able to talk to Big Guy today for a bit, and apparently my SIL, we'll call her Ms Perfectionist, Perfect for short, had a bit to say about my parenting abilities. Apparently I never played with my kids, I tried to reason with them like they were teenagers, I really should get a job and help with money, and what was I doing reading a book on D&D (dungeons and dragons).

I had kind of a clue that she was upset with me, but she never outright said anything to me. And in my defense, as if I need one, It's not my house, I don't know where things are. And do I really need to spend every spare minute with my kids, with so many people in the house I figured no one would miss me for an hour or so while I listened to an audio book in the back room.

Why do I need you lecturing me about what I do or do not do? The more I live my life, the more I just truly understand that people just do not understand what we military spouses go through, on a daily basis or any other time of the year.

It really hurts me that she thinks these things of me, that I was judged so harshly by her. And I don't think sitting on the floor telling Little Man to come here so I can change his poopy, stinky, smelly diaper is me reasoning like he's a teenager.

Big Guy was upset with his sister, and I guess they had words. And I am proud of him for sticking up for me, I would have liked to have read that conversation.

But that's my family, for better or worse right? I am trying really hard not to just close down, and just never be open and honest with her again, that is what I would have done a couple of years ago. And despite putting on a front of having a tough exterior, I am quite thin skinned, and what she said hurts.

*Sigh* family, can't live with them, can't leave for home yet. What to do.....

Friday, December 21, 2007

Prayers for Dragonfly

I received a call from Dragonfly today, and she could use your prayers. She is in the hospital with an infected gall bladder and is to have surgery to remove it Sunday morning. In a way it's a blessing because she finally has a diagnosis for the pain in her back and she will feel better soon.

The infection has been there for six months and the incision may need to be larger than usual because the walls are thicker from the infection. If she is able to have laproscopic surgery then she may be able to leave Sunday evening.

The Sgt has next week off, as they were planning travel, so he will be able to help with Little Mister and take care of Dragonfly.

Please keep her family in your prayers and that she has a safe surgery and recovery.

Do Dogs Dream......

I stayed up late last night to watch a movie, my dog Holley and my parents dog Maggie joined me in the l iving room and both promptly fell asleep. Holley near my feet and Maggie pulled herself up on the couch, she's a big dog.

But I am sitting watching the movie and I'm intertupted by Maggie growling in her sleep, it scared me at first. But I sat here and watched her for a bit, leggs moving, growling. It got so loud that Holley started barking back in defense.

And it made me wonder, what was she dreaming about? Chasing a rabbit, play fighting with Holley in the back yard? Getting her tummy scratched by her Daddy? Eating people food?

I would like to think they have wonderful dreams, where they get that dog treat, and catch whatever it is they are chasing.

Maggie & Holley

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Remember When...

  • You could shop at the mall all day long with your friends, eat lunch, try on clothes enjoy the time in an unhurried fashion?

The kids and I went to the mall today, I only wanted to look at one store, just one. I remember why now, I dislike taking my children along with me. I parked at the wrong end of the mall, so we had to walk through the candy machine's, the little cars, kids can ride, and the kid play area. All of which distract their attention; after many shouts of "Crazy Daughter, come on, we need to go, lets go guys, please, we need to go to just one store" we finally make it to the store.

I was in heaven, I've missed malls, with stores I actually like to shop at. NY and Company was having a 50% off sale, everything. It was wonderful. I would have spent more time looking but, unfortunately Crazy Daughter decided it was time to leave.

We stopped at Starbucks and got a cookie, we sat next to an older gentleman.

Crazy Daughter is punching a deflated star balloon. People are walking by laughing at her antics.

"Crazy Daughter, please sit and eat your cookie, leave that balloon alone, please don't pop it." "Little Man please sit in your chair and stop digging in the potted tree, leave the leaves alone"

Older gentelman is sitting there laughing, talking to Little Man, watching Crazy Daughter go from one table to the next trying out each individual chair.

I was so wore out by the morning, we skipped the other stop I had wanted to do and went home and ate lunch.

I guess each season of life has different joys, and today mine was when Little Man gave me a huge hug and kiss before going down for a nap. *Sigh* it makes up for the trying morning.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Winter Wonder Land - Mission Monday

Holiday List

Day 1, Monday. Lights started flickering and I lit some candles “just in case”. Realized that I really need to get some flash lights and some more convenient candles that will last longer than these decorative ones. Put away all the presents I had gotten out to wrap. Prayed that power would be on the next day.

Day 2, Tuesday. I woke up to a freezing house, no heat, no electricity, I looked outside and it was quite beautiful, trees were “weeping” all the way down to the ground. Branches had fallen everywhere, and sounds of ice falling from the trees every couple of minutes. I started up the car (was covered with at least a ½ inch of ice) and got the kids strapped in and we just sat there, but it was warm.

Finally realized that the power wasn’t coming on today and called S to see if they were warm, spent the night.

Day 3 Wednesday. I spent Tuesday night in Crazy J’s full sized bed, with Little Man, complete with Diego sheets and comforter. Crazy daughter slept in Crazy J’s old toddler bed, she finally fell asleep after much crying and trying to get out of bed to “go potty, kiss K, etc.). I woke up to an uncomfortably numb arm and a really warm child on “my side” of the bed. (As if there were ever really “sides” of the bed)

Called housing, and power should be on by maybe midnight. Ok, sure, alright. Headed over to my house to let out Barkey Dog, and realized my freezer is leaking. So pretty much threw everything in the trash, what could be salvaged I brought back to S’s house.

Power went off at S’s house around 3 PM, and “possibly be on by midnight”. With Baby J (only 2 months old) we started calling everyone from church to see who might have power.

We drove to Chapman (didn’t know where it was before that night) to A’s house, with S and her 3 kids. So…. A and her 3, my 2 and S’s 3, made for a really full house that evening. But A was quite gracious and we had dinner and a warm bed to sleep in.

Day 4 Thursday. Called my housing area and still no power, maybe on by midnight but no guarantee’s. S’s power came back on, so they left and another family from our church joined us. Her two girls watched all our kids and A and I went into town to Wal-Mart. I got shampoo, conditioner and a change of clothes, the stuff you don’t think about until you are without.

Day 5, Friday. Power was back on, yea!!!. Packed everything up at A’s and headed home. Ice had melted somewhat but it still covered half the trees. Headed to our house and workers were out chopping up broken down branches. The house was warm and power was on, but no cable or internet. I decided that we would just throw things into the car and head to Michigan.

Day 6, Saturday. Arrived at 2:30 AM at my in-laws house, roads were clear and dry, but there was a snow storm that followed right behind me. We left at the right time.
This entry is for Mission Monday hosted by Painted Maypole.

Safely in Michigan

We are safely in Michigan now, we left Friday afternoon.

Our housing area finally got power Friday morning, no cable or internet, and no food in the refridgerator, I had cleaned it out on Wednesday morning. And there was another storm coming 5-7 inches of snow expected. So as much as I wanted to finish out the weekend with the things i had planned, I packed up the car and we headed out for Michigan.

We arrived Saturday at 2:30 AM, safely and with clear roads all the way home. The kids were excited to see Nana and Papa, and they were just as happy to have the grandkids.

And today we will be driving up to my parents house, and they have wireless broadband, so I will be able to use my laptop and upload some pictures. My in-laws only have dial up. grrr....

Thanks for your prayers and concerns, It was an expierence, and will make great stories for the years to come. But i'm glad to be in a warm house.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ice Storm

okay, so Kansas got hit by a HUGE ice storm monday evening, and I have been without power since then. I've been staying at a friend's house who still had power but doesn't have internet access. She lost power yesterday so we are at a different friends house. Called my housing office and we still don't have power and it maybe on tonight at midnight. I'm not expecting anything at this point.

But S has power now and we'll probably spend the night there. Depending on if things I had planned this weekend get cancelled or not, I may leave for Michigan earlier than expected.

Just pray for safety and for the ice to melt.

I won't be on for a bit, so i'll check back when i can.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Fun with Photoshop

This post is part of Mission Monday, to have fun with Photoshop. I had fun.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Three Hours of Me Time

Yes, I had three whole hours to myself yesterday, shocker I know. It was Mom's Day out at our church, and in spite of the freezing rain that morning, they were able to have it in the afternoon.

So what did I spend my precious three hours on? Shopping at Walmart for kids Christmas gifts, a Tinkerbelle fleece throw and a 30 piece Dora puzzle for Crazy Daughter. Leapfrog Alphabet magnets for Little Man. I really do dislike Walmart, but the only other option was Target and that is located in Manhattan (yes it is really manhattan, they call themselves the Little Apple) and with the weather being awful, I decided not to brave the highway.

I then went to Payless Shoes, BOGO sale!!! I found a pair of toe sandles for 7$ and a pair of black (do I ever buy any other color dress shoes? lol) dress shoes.

And for the really wonderful part, I got a manicure and pedicure!!! No real reason, just did it because I wanted to. I think I got the head of the manicure department because she was wonderful. She massaged my feet and legs, and my hands and arms. I'll describe the relaxation as this, it felt almost as good as sex. And since it's been almost 9 months in that department, I was in heaven.

And here's my toes!!

I personally think it's gross to touch other people's toes, just me I guess. But I thank heavens that others don't have that aversion. And yes, the nail polish is dark blue. I don't do pink, unless I have to match a brides maides dress. (lol, thanks Shannon)
It was a wonderful day, despite the weather. and I'll get some more breaks when I leave for home in a week.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

So I haven't Posted Much...

I have really intended to write more than I have, but honestly I've been putting it off. Writing is the way I tend to deal with things and I guess I've just been putting it off. And lots of other excuses too, Tin Man has been on SciFi this week, so my evenings have been spent in front of the TV, where they are ususally spent doing other things. Really good show by the way.

And it's been gloomy and cloudy this week, today's high is 38, I know, we didn't get all that snow the midwest did, so I guess I can't really complain.

And I didn'g do the Mission Monday challenge Painted Maypole posted this week. I had every intention.

So that's me right now, procrastination, and it seems this week has been a marathon of headaches and kids getting up at 5 AM.

So I'll get around to it, maybe tomorrow....