Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

5 PM on Saturday night, stomach flu. Oh the fun
And on other news, ok, so not wordless wednesday, I'm still waiting for work from Rear-Detachment about news of my husband. I know for a fact he's in Kuawaitt and is/was supposed to flying out today, but I've heard nothing. And I'm a bit frustrated, our frg has told us next to nothing, all the information I've gotten has been from Big Guy. So supposedly I'm supposed to pick him up tomorrow, but couldn't tell you when, he said he'd be okay to walk hom, "It's not that far from the hill to home", and I guess in combat terms, a mile really isn't that far to walk.
But soon, just a bit frustrated and anxious.


amanda said...

Oh Rose Daughter-
I am hoping you will have heard something by the time you read this. Hope the little ones are feeling better.

Rose Daughter said...

got a call, later than I thought and wanted, but I got a date now.

Family Adventure said...

Good luck! Is it today?

Great picture, btw. Hope they are on the mend.


Hey Teach! said...

I love the peacefulness of the picture, though I am sure stomach flu was less than peaceful. I really hope the Big Guy got home today.